Thursday, June 4, 2009

What I love about Perth

Despite the fact that my husband will tell you I love Perth because I can practically live in Garden City [or Ikea for that matter] and eat all the Big breakfasts in John Street and still gobble up dim sum at Northbridge...I do love it for other reasons..

I love it because of my friends..we go waaay back. They saw me in my tomboy stage, when my mum was scared I'd never wear dresses and I had my Aaron Kwok hairstyle [If you'd like this hairstyle, just part your hair in the middle and curl it with cowlick strands! -My sister loves reminding me of that certain stage in my life. grr.]

They do crazy things with me...and we just anything.
I love it because of the people. They're friendly, easy going and laid back. Its a great place to start a family.
I spotted this father and son couple in Swan Valley. ..Dad took kiddo out for a day trip, lazed around on the grass, played trains and had a picnic. Lovely huh?

I love it for its clear blue skies and alternating seasons.

..and that means I can do alot of things outside. Long walks. Bbqs. Beach lazes. Park Strolls.

I love it for their coffee shops and food. It emphasizes the mix of cultures we have, and I love that!

I love how theres an assortment of anything.. [ok, so a candy bar with an assortment of lollies isnt the best illustration..but you get me dont you?]

..I just love Perth.

And to all you nitwits..Garden City is open Sunday 14 June 2009. 10am-5pm. Go shop. Theres sales. Go. Go. For my sake. You heard me. Go!

[geez i should get some commission!]

ps. on a serious note..can someone tell me why my paragraphs go all funny and miss spaces when I know i've 'entered' twice?


  1. I think its about time you start missing Perth again and come back for a visit???

    its cold'll love it....and its stocktake sale time too *wink*

  2. you can still stroll and bbq at tanjong or esplanade. Best still, you can laze around City Fan or Taman Bulatan ^^

  3. Anonymous: Pity Miri just doesnt do it for