Friday, June 26, 2009

Holland Tulips

Some time last year, I made a 45th anniversary card for a special couple in Holland. You can read about it in my old blog.

They came to over yesterday and handed my Hubby this..

and simply told him to 'Read the instructions'.

So Hubby was pretty intrigued with how this tulip-in-a-pot works.

What is a bulb? What is the nose? So what happens? Is it real? How can it work? he asked, like a 5 year old beaming with questions.

I dont think he's seen fresh tulips. But then again, flowers to him are most probably like cars to me. We acknowledge their existance and practicality, but wouldn't quite be able to tell them apart. They just belong in the same family.

So after reading the instructions he said 'If this needs 5 degrees, then we need to grow it in the fridge. '

True. Maybe I will figure it out by Christmas.

But meanwhile, we tried peeping..but I think this just made my Hubby more curious.

Anyway, we're think this couple are so sweet. Its rare people have such gestures these days- they wanted to congratulate us for our wedding. The poor couple must of hand-held this cute little pot all the way from Holland. Awww. And somemore, I love tulips.

It certainly brightened up my day. ..A reminder that something small goes a long way. Time I spread the happiness.

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