Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Things I Ought To Learn

My mum and my mother-in-law are both really good cooks. They have all these traditional recipes that are either pass downs from their mums or their mother-in-laws.

Sometimes I wish I had the patience to write down all their recipes so I could share these next time.

This is 'Chai Ban'. Chai Ban is a traditional Hakka dish. My mother-in-law learnt it from my husband's second aunt. [Ok, omit the relationship thing...its a bit confusing to write]. My mum learnt it from her mum. It's a pass down from China.

The outer layer is a mixture of rice flour which I'm yet to master. Then, its hours of labouring making it into bowl like shapes before inserting the fillings. - I've only gone up to the 'make a bowl ' stage.

The fillings are a mixture of vegetables and mince meat. I personally love the salted vegetable and pork filling. Just makes my day!

Here's another one I should really take on. My mum's Pandan Cake. My friends have been perfecting these recently...but I'm one lazy bugger that hasnt learnt anything from my mum except for being her food critique!

Mum's pandan are so fluffy and moist. I never buy shop ones coz they just cant compare.

There's so much more I need to learn before I can show my culinary skills. Come on new kitchen!...lets strut our stuff!!


  1. Yummmmmmm ... cai ban!! Errr ... you have more culinary skills than us without even trying kay!

  2. dun say that. my goodness..I've not even tried my hand on the pandan chiffon...and you and jess have made it sooo many times!

  3. oh, yeah...chiffon cake is absolutely my fav.

  4. can u help me to get the chai ban recipe?
    i miss home food!

  5. that's cos we've failed so many times!! btw, did i tell you i found cake flour in perth? that's how we succeeded.

  6. Angie, your soya banana chiffon looks good too:)

    rach...ok, remind me on that one.

    di- i heard about the cake flour. But hey...thats good enough. My mum uses plain flour though...then its all in the egg whites.