Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wedding Video

Ahh! We finally have our wedding video.

Charles and I had gone through several websites, videos and videographers works to decide who our videographer would be for the wedding. When we got to Wedding Story, we immediately knew they were our cup of tea. We loved their cinematic approach to weddings- it just made it so much more emotional and dramatic. It wasnt a traditional 'we did this, then that, then bye' sort of thing. Everything tied in really well.

So about a week or two ago we received ours. We [ok, I] cried, we laughed and we saw things we didnt otherwise realise was happening. We would of missed things if it wasnt for our video. Verdict is, we LURVED it! We're just that close to kissing them right now- though I'm sure Kee Sitt and Sharon may not appreciate that thought.

Kee Sitt and Sharon, thank you for flying all the way from Penang and being such an extraordinary team. We love your work and think your work is truly amazing.

Ooh...and here's a card I made for them.

It was still based on our wedding theme of Tiffany blue..but I added some neutral highlights for the 'thank you' version:)

If you'd like to see our wedding highlight video, click here. As Kee always says, press play, then immediately pause for the video to upload before pressing play again. That way the video will run smoothly. Also..up your volumes.

If you're a fan of fairytales..just pretend we lived Happily Ever After.


  1. wish i was home so i can check out the video. can't wait!!

  2. you're featured even in the highlights girl!

  3. Glad you love the video! Thank you for this blog entry. We had fun creating the video for you!