Thursday, June 11, 2009

House: Painted

I just painted my house. Like it? Inspired by the De Stijl movement I'd say. And Mondrian most probably hearts me right about now.

Just Kidding.

I think I just gave Hubby a heart attack. That would show him- his absence from site. lol.

I wouldnt have the guts to paint my house other than neutrals. It's still in its concrete colours though and this, is what it really looks like at the moment..

Plain grey. We've still got a bit to go.

Any colour suggestions?


  1. hehe i bet ya..u guys will be going with white or beige:P

    but hey the top modern..just gutsy!

    awww exciting..its almost done aye:)

  2. i know. so predictable huh? think we're just going with white/grey.

    scared charles for a sec...if only I videotaped his reaction...hahaha

    yeah..nearly. fingers crossed.