Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It must be my week

What are the chances of getting two pressies in one week for no apparent reason? Well, me for starters - None.

Guess what another sweetie sent me? A very early birthday present [I dont mind, any day can me my birthday as long as I dont need to get older!].

Michelle has been so sweet. I knew her through my Hubby and Michelle's older brother a few years ago. Then our friendship kind of just miraculously happened. She lives in Sydney, and we drop a few lines over the internet and stalk each others blog!

Look. Look. Look! She sent a cute handmade card and one of my best loves - a recipe book! A CUPCAKE recipe book!! Too sweet huh? I spent my whole night admiring the card and flipping the book over and over again. Aww.

She makes divine cards and is a great cook too. Go have a look at her creations here.


  1. She is indeed a very sweet girl! Woohoo! So .... are we getting chance to try your new cupcake? :)

  2. Sweet Indeed. When i'm mastered it I'll pass you some:)