Wednesday, July 1, 2009

House: Another Roof

My house isnt big, but I've got a tiled roof, a glass roof, a concrete roof and a metal roof. -Sounds like a mess really.

All construction and drawing issues aside, my metal roof is getting put up. When I took the photo, they had just put the metal frame up and haven't done the corners properly, hence theres a huge gap between the two metal C-channels.
As you can see, the base coat is being painted too. After my last house post, I had quite a few people asking me [with rather shocked faces] whether I would really paint my house with those colours. No. Not that I have anything against colours, but its just not me.

And yes, construction has been pretty slow. We've been short of workers and they cant do much even if I rush them. I don't like rushing them unless I have to- because it means the workmanship fails and I get unsatisfied at the end.
I can't wait till everything comes together. Its like a puzzle thats yet to be completed.


  1. Your house sounds soooo nice. Can't wait to see it!

  2. come come come! i promise to make ur trip more interesting this time!