Thursday, July 16, 2009

Note To Self

Dear Liya,

If you are on a sugar and carb high, please do NOT, I repeat do NOT run into the bakery store.

I know all morning you've been craving for some sugared foods and didnt think much about your waistline and your oompa-loompa butt..but for the sake of your future-possibly-could-be-squashed-by-grandma-grandkids, please kindly retrict your butt size- atleast so it can still be contained within a Air-Asia plane seat.

I know this..

and this..

look really good. But it just aint doing wonders for you. The oompa-loompa you.

So next time when you're back on cravings, please read this entry again. AND refrain from going into bakeries. Woman, you just dont have much restraint.


Sincerely, lovingly yours:
The now sugar and carb drenched Liya.


  1. ONLY 2 Buns.....tats nuthin gal...don need to be guilty!!!!!! (hahhaa im obviously not watching my waistline)

  2. TWO jess! TWO sugar/carb/fat drenched buns. Sigh.