Monday, July 27, 2009

A Masterchef Moment

Ok..not really. Atleast I wanted to feel like one. So does that count?

There's all this buzz about Masterchef and I want to be part of it too! -Or maybe the domestic goddess has struck?!

I enrolled myself into a baking class with a pastry chef. I always wanted to go to baking classes. The bonus? Hubby thought we'd go to this class together, like a baking date- since we havent had much time alone recently. And I loved every single moment of it - come on!..baking AND Hubby together!

We got really excited and started thinking about our Masterchef moment. I boasted that My tiramisu will turn out better. He boasted his will. Yes, we're extremely childish in these things. But to be completely honest with you, they both turned out lovely!

The best part of learning from a pastry chef is that you get all the tips and hints cookery books don't tell you. You also get to see all the nifty gadgets that professional cooks use. -Like the beater I can most probably fit my nephew in or the oven that can make a million pizzas. No exaggeration!

Guess who was dreaming of KitchenAids after that session? C'mon! The chef recommended it. Its a must have.

And guess who proclaimed she should study in a culinary school later AND change professions? hmm..

So, many eggs and a complimentary slice from the chef later..

I present to you Tiramisu.

Sponge fingers totally soaked in coffee mixture with the lightest cheese...Oh..i'm melting. ..

The other bonus? I'm going again this weekend...I'll show you what I whip up then!


  1. Funny enough, but MasterChef doesn't use KitchenAid. They use CuisineArt, but I've never seen them use a stand mixer.

    The GIANT stand mixer you guys used in your class looks like my Kenwood, only a giant version!!

  2. I didnt pay attention on the brand of their stand mixer.

    The reason why I want a KitchenAid's cos the chef recommended it.