Monday, July 6, 2009

Something-Don in Highschool

I had this for lunch the other day. It reminded me of the Katsudon bentos I had during highschool.

Those days, I was allowed to go to the city on the weekends, and somehow always ended up in a Japanese restaurant with my friends - I think it was called Sumo..and doesnt exist anymore [correct me if i'm wrong.]
Come to think of it, they didnt have alot of choices, its was either something-Don or some soba noodles. But it was a novelty. The novelty of eating Japanese food in a small shop tucked in a corner of some city mall and going a place where everybody went.
After this I went through the Jaws phase- another Japanese restaurant that had a revolving sushi track, a bubble tea phase, a Korean food phase and a dim sum phase.
I'm still having food issues.

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  1. Yes, its called Sumo, its sort of like at a basement thingy right?