Thursday, July 9, 2009

Shoes with a capital S!

If you go beyond staring at my stumpy fat toes, you'll notice I have a thing with shoes. Ahh shoes.

If you see me everyday, you'll notice my shoe of choice are flip flops-Currently Fit Flops to be exact. They're suppose to make my legs work harder AND firm up my bum AND was on Oprah's favourites list ok? But bleh..dun think I do enough walking for that.

I wear heels to the office but change immediately to my flip-flops until my clients notice how daggy I am. On weekends I basically live in them too.

So why do I still buy shoes that I dont really wear? Thats a mystery I'm yet to solve. They just seem to shout 'Buy Me! Buy me!' in the shops. -Yes, I have that strange little voice in my head that follows me to the shops.

These ones? Make me feel like Cinderella.

These ones are ooh so comfy.

And there's the black pumps u saw in the first pic too. It's all too hard for me, so I decided to buy two of them since the black and gold ones were a tad big. [They were on sale...and thats a very magical word]. is so difficult isnt it?

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