Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Design Forum, Datum & Archidex 2009

I was in Kuala Lumpur a few days ago for the 10th annual architecture exhibition and convention.

What do you get when theres a sea of architects, designers, tradesmen, suppliers and other people related to the construction field?

It kind of goes like this: Code black for architects + designers, Code Colourful for all others.

I dont know why exactly. We just like being in black. Theres the occasional white. Maybe we think we look more designer-ish though I wouldnt know why.

The forums ran over three days and it was so humbling to see what other architects are achieving. Inspirational. Totally overwhelmed.

Guess who I went zonkers over? Two guys really.

Winy Maas from MVRDV. Come on, it's MVRDV! Everyone knew them from school. Infact, my first architecture book was written by them. In my wee-little days, I told my art teacher I wanted to be a architect [geez I was ambitious]. So when I won the art award, he presented me with SMLXL. Cool huh?

Anyway..lets not degress....

Well, Winy -like i REALLY know him.....sigh. Besides being immensely insiprational and totally wow-some, he's super funny. What's not to love about this guy? Come on, who would show slides of pigs making love in a architecture convention? In a Muslim country?..Get my point?

His approach really re-examined the forum topic of Basic Design. The way he talked about his projects used basic ideas that translated/tranformed later into quite artistic expressions. Way cool. I'd like to live in that blue house on top of a roof!

And Zhang Ke? He's from Standard Architecture in China. He's brutally honest and way funny too. So I have a thing for funny guys. I loved how his approach to architecture always related immensely to the site.

And as you can tell, I was trying to zoom in on both guys- failing ofcourse. Too bad I was sitting right at the back. battery is charged. Ready for another year.

ps. Sorry about the blurred images. No excuses. Just bad photography.

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