Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Foodie Blogs
* The above pic was taken from Tasty Kitchen's website. Doesnt it just beg for you to eat it? Even if it makes you have a oompa-loompa tummy with a oompa-loompa butt?...Ok..moving on...
Food and I- Me and Food- Food + Me..whichever is grammatically correct. We're just buds. Best Buds. So naturally, I steer to food blogs.

I do love the old recipe book- I can flip through these over and over again. But with this techno-savy time, I love a good food blog too.

I love how food blogs refer to something they've made, or they've tried. It's more personal. And most of the time, the recipe comes from someone's kitchen. A mum, baker, sister, grandma, dad, brother, kiddo, oldie...whomever, from wherever. It doesnt have to be a great chef from somewhere exotic. Its another person loving food. Just like me.

So these are a few more foodie blogs I love, I'll add them to the side bar soon so they're easier to find. Have fun, and hope you dont broaden your waistlines like me:-

Dessert Comes First-

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