Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hello Housewife!

I've succumbed into total domesticity. Not the glorious type mind you.

I'm the dag. The dag with clips in a never-ending mess of hair, big frompy shirts and shorts.

So I apologise if you saw me last night dashing for the shops in my unsightly attire. Out of all the days, I was wearing my sooo-1980's bike shorts. Great look! I prayed that no one I know will see me and I'm sure if someone I knew did see me, they'd pretend they didnt know me. I'm so embarassing.

'Cause seriously?..if I took another glance at the mirror I'd think I ran into a mock. I looked like all the other 50 year old ladies. -Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with 50 year olds...but when you're still in your 20's [ok..late 20s] and you dress like 50s..theres most probably something seriously wrong and you need to go to Oprah for a major makeover. speak for all the shorts/bike shorts/leggings/ over sized tees and whatever domestic fashion comes- these are super comfy. I cook and clean without worrying about anything and if I dirty it, so be it.

Look, I know there are pretty housewives that do all that and stay immaculate. -I really envy them. But I'm just not that type. So if you come to my place out of the blue and you see a really daggy me, just be thankful I dont have curlers in my hair and a shower cap over that.

..Well...if you do see that sight its because you really dropped in at a bad time.

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