Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Humpty Dumpty meets Teenage Mutant

I meant to show you some pictures of my very-slow-but-ongoing house construction. I really meant to. And you'd never of guessed why I didnt end up doing so. But I feel like telling you anyway since I'm very good at mocking myself.

You know what Humpty Dumpty did right? And you know where Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live right? I havent quite decided which one I want to be, so for now i'm a trans Humpty-Mutant. Nice.

I fell. As in plonk fell. Fell into a drain. On Site. In front of lots of people. In front of my house. Soaked with dirty site water.

And to make matters worse, H (yes, thats what my hubby will be from now on) brought his friend over to see the house and ofcourse show-off his now extremely embarassing wife. I'm really presentable.

I was such a sight. Imagine soil run offs, bright yellow on my blue jeans and black shirt. Beautiful contrast of colours I might add. And then imagine me, having to be lifted out of the drain. Lifted. Did i mention lifted? Because the soil and water totally drenched me and I felt like a elephant.

Simply because I stepped over some wooden planks that decided NOT to support me that day.

(I hate wooden planks now and have since befriended concrete blocks.)

But on the bright side, atleast the drain hasnt been used yet and my foreman has fell before too.

..And tomorrow I'll tell you what I baked before I mocked myself.

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