Friday, August 14, 2009

4 Years, 5 Balls and some green paste

Who knew these takoyaki balls..

and this wasabi paste could trigger me into wanting a new camera? And not a normal one. I want a big one..professional one with all the tech savy stuff - of which I know nothing about!


No prizes for guessing where we were dining- the black sketchy fish with a red crown shouts Sushi King!


All ears?...

We were celebrating our fourth anniversary- nothing really to boast about, just that we needed some time together and alone. This year we really wanted to chill and take it easy- so much has been happening.

So as usual, during lunch I started to take some snaps while waiting for the food to arrive.


Dear something's wrong with the camera, it doesnt focus even on macro.

You've most probaby got your settings wrong, here... [H grabs the camera from my hands]. ..

After a few minutes of fidgeting with the camera he passes it back to me and says

Nothing's wrong..try again.

I did. And when the takoyaki balls came, the whinger in me told him the same thing

Dear, something's wrong. Its not doing what I want it to do.

What do you want it to do then? H asked.

I want to zoom in closer, you know- like those magazine shots where I can see the texture and the dots. I want the wasabi to fill up the whole picture, and I want the tako balls to be zoomed..- I explained whilst fumbling through the just-taken shots to show him.

H laughed and simply stated- When did you go crazy about cameras? Those need another lens. I didnt know my wife needed to be all professional for blogging?! Should I be getting worried?

I paused. Then laughed. H has never said anything about my blogging..except for the occasional - Can you please don't blog about this? [when something embarassing happens and his lovely wife threatens to blog it!]

Anyways...Yeah. When did I have the obsession with food blogging and taking nearly-edible pictures? ..Hmm...

Hence..enter my new whimsical spur-of-the-moment must have- A new camera. Let's hope this one subsides. Soon.


On a separate note..[which is totally unrelated and I'm sure you'd love to know..] I ruined the rest of the day by falling sick and having a bad migraine- which subsequently ended our massage and spa plans...grrrr....

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