Thursday, August 13, 2009

Something Crafty

Forgive my absence in crafting. Life has been hectic and now that I'm married, my craft supplies are all over the place- its in boxes at my mum's, in my home and even in my office. Reason? I dont have a official craft area anymore and I'm putting up with it 'cos I'm waiting for my house to be done. I forget what I have sometimes and I've misplaced alot of things.

Lets not digress.

This card was for my mum's birthday. Just let me mention that :-

a) Forgive my weird 'happy birthday' writing because I couldn't find my proper pen. Did I tell you my things are in boxes?

b) I had to do this card really fast because I was using my parents study room to do a card for my mum!

Next on the agenda was a handmade gift for H. I had promised myself years ago- with every anniversary I'd make H a handmade gift. Last year it was a bucket complete with a photo book. This year its just..a plain book. Theres a twist though...since I'm his wife now..he ought to do some work too right?

And...just let me mention this too:-

a) Forgive the letters that are nearly dropping off..the adhesive obviously didnt work despite me Modpodging it later.

b) Try not to look too cutting was atrocious because I couldnt find new blades. grr.

Now that thats done..did i mention the drooping and now wonky letters??..

It was a little story book where he had to fill out the details. I wish I had more time on my hands so that it could of been coloured. Ahwell. Time flies.

The fill-in-the-blank parts were like: dates that are important, or how we know, all the mundane stuff that girls never tend to forget but guys miraculously lose their memories after dating! Anyhows...since its four years, I though he should pen it down so he never has another excuse to forget in the later years -Aren't I smart? Yee haa!

And yes..just had to reinstate I made it myself.


  1. This is very nice :) We should meet up one day and enjoy crafting together :

  2. aw thanks marlene..we really should!

  3. Very nice..........did u say these are all done in a rush??? errrrrr its soo niceeeee even in a rush:P....