Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Tale of Two Cheesecakes

Currently, baking classes consume my weekends- and then I consume the bakes. Fair, no?

This week: Marbled Cheesecake & Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake.
This is the final product...tempting isnt it? The cuts are so precise too.

Guess which is my swirly marble? Far right. That was fun with a satay-stick thingy. Yes. Arent I precise with my descriptions?
FYI, the chef made the one on the bottom. Stinky poo! He was annoyingly accurate with his chocolate loops complete with a radius measurement I reckon. Mine on the other hand, looked more like egg shaped swirls..hmph.

..And this is what happens when you don't hot-dip your knife 'cause you're[ok, ME!] just desperate for cheesecake! Notice all the yucky jagged edges and oh-so-not-professional cut.

Then theres me making cookie balls. White and dark chocolate cookie balls. Once again, I would of taken a photo for you to see the outcome, but I was too busy eating- hey!- you gotta try your food right?

..After baking..

And once again, cut with a cold knife by yours truly. -The chef better not see this.

Personally, the cookie cheesecake takes my heart. I love the combination of textures and tastes.

Ps. Has anyone decided to accompany me to a culinary school yet? I promise I won't eat your share of cooking. Promise. Cross my heart.


  1. u think i can sell these yet? I need to find income in Aust. haha.

  2. Yeah definitely can see it!!