Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Best Chef

Here's my mum. In my world, she's the best chef. Amoungst all the food frenzy i'm in recently and all the cooking classes I go to, I think she's the one I learn the most from. Her cooking fundamentals are simple- throw in ingredients according to your taste and instinct.

Unlike her daughter [aka me], she doesnt have a tonne of cookbooks. Yet her dishes have remained deliciously flavoured ever since I can remember. She also doesn't have much hand written recipes too. All her recipes are in her head.

Here's my first and only photo of her cooking. Blurred I know- but she's really hard to keep up with! But I love it. Its just...her. My this instance, cooking one of our family favourites: Five Spice Duck.

Her duck is awesome. I'm not bias. But it is the best I've ever tasted. I'm sure if my sis gets a load of this she'd wish she was here.

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