Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Story of One Mango Cheesecake

I had lots of mangoes. I had lots of cheese. ..And obviously I thought I had lots of time.

It started well. Crumb the biscuits, add in the butter- you know, the norm. Then I thought I'd be a little creative and add a bit of side deco. This is where I started spending lots and lots of time. I was idealistic- and partially lazy, thinking maybe I can just stuff [what a beautiful description] my biscuits straight into the crumbs.


Anyone that remotely cooked would be shaking their heads at me now. It didn't work.

Ok, then I did the whole melt the chocolate and dip the biscuit thing. That went ok..

..until I took it to the fridge. I have a natural tendancy to muck things up. So, a trillion minutes later. Ta daa! It's all up. Just likes houses with concrete footings and columns.

Insert cheese filling photo here. Refrigerate.

Add a mango layer. Refrigerate.

Insert another cheese filling photo here. Refrigerate.

Garnish [is that the word?] with mangoes. Brush with gelatin. Refrigerate.

Next day I decided to get a spiffy. Truth is, it was our weddi-monthiversary. [I know, I know. Which idiot still celebrates in months? I was really giving myself a reason to bake- well, more like refrigerate since I didnt exactly bake] So I decided to make it all puh-ree-teee.

Then it was the hard part. How do I bring it home?- Trust a genius like me to think about these things last minute.

I've been making cakes in my mum's place to surprise the Hubby. Though he's not as clueless as before, atleast he doesn't know what I'm exactly up to. But when it's time to bring my cakes home, I dread it. Simply because I drive like a mad woman and have a high percentage of destroying things.

Yep, just my luck that I got stopped by a policeman. But obviously he thought I was all good and wanted the car behind me instead. Bleh. Thats another story all together.

Anyway, I wrapped it with baking paper. I know. Not exactly a intellectual idea considering it wouldn't cushion any impact. But heck, atleast it would stop dust from piling on and insects landing right?

And yeah, I wrapped a ribbon-ed cake with a ribbon bow. Arent I girly?

It got home. Safe. Phew. Then it was hidden in the fridge 'till the Hubby came back.

He thought it was pretty awesome. So awesome he wore his weddi-monthiversary sticker on his coveralls like a proud kindy boy. I would show you a picture of him with his gleaming smile. But he wouldn't like me very much.


  1. its beautiful:) the deco (and you've obviously spent heaps of time decorating hehe)

    I'm sure your hubby appreciates all:)

  2. the way you write......
    Mango for sure have a classic taste!

  3. awww jess. *blush*.

    angie, sometimes i think i'm not creative enough. I look at your recipes and they're super WOW!...

  4. Wow! It looks yummy! Mango and cheesecake - one of my favorite ;)