Thursday, October 1, 2009

My latest obsession

These, yes these, are my latest obsessions. No, not my fat shoes. My dear shoes. I wear them everyday. They are shoes that love me. Really. They are my OKA b's. So I should of cleaned them before the photo...but just ignore that part.

They [should] kinda look like these, but mine has a ribbon. I wear them everywhere. Just incase you're wondering, they havent commissioned me for this, I'm just in love. They were even on Oprah. Come on people..Oprah!

When I bought them, I wanted two. The other one would of been like this.

And this was my justification to H :

I can use them when I'm preggers next time, you know, they're safe and non-slip.

-Thats how I work my hubby. Tee Hee.

Well, I didn't get my second pair..but I wish I did. And I will [I'm terribly determined on this matter].

Just to give you some information about my OKA b's, here's what the website says:

Shoes That Love You™OKA b. offers unmatched comfort in footwear without sacrificing a sense of style. OKA b. cares about feet and fashion, and offers more than just footwear – we create Shoes That Love You: -I agree. Totally. Did I tell you that already?

Antimicrobial material resists bacteria, keeping feet clean and healthy-No smelly feet so far! Wait, did you need to know that?!

Microplast® technology provides cushioned, lightweight and flexible foot support -I don't really know what's Microplast, but yes they're light and soft.

Massage-beaded foot bed pampers feet with each step -Uh huh

Reflexology-inspired and ergonomic design

One-piece, fully molded construction ensures stability and durability

Non-slip, non-marking soles prevent slips andtrips in spa and pool areas -I told you they're good for maternity?!

Colorfast, non-fading material keeps OKA b. styles looking new

Vegan-Friendly and Recyclable -Seriously?! Are there non-vegetarian shoes??!!!

Proudly made in the USA

Two-year guarantee

And here's the extra bonus. When I bought mine in Singapore, the tanned-beachy dude who was most probably 10 years younger than me told me I can chuck them in the dishwasher or washing machine to wash them. Aint that cool?! -Atleast he thought it was uber cool.

So who's up for some internet shopping???

*Note: Original images, besides the one of my fat feet are from OKA b's website.


  1. wow! That black shoes are sexy! Would love to have them too!

    Angie's Recipes

  2. I got mine in I wasn't sure if Perth had them.

    super uber comfy. wearing them today. hehe.