Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My strange [un] co-ordinated life

I think my life is adorned with bloopers. Serious. ..And I think I better write about H. Cos after that post, someone had insecurities and I thought I should be fair. [But hey, its like 1001 blog entries about H and one measely post about Lee Hom but who's really counting? H. Probably.] hehe.

So while I was waiting for his cake to set, I made him a card. A quick one 'cos you know my current situation with houses and all- lets not go there.

If you're wondering why are my embossed letters dotted and all..let me tell you this- My heating tool, brand new-never been used heating tool, died on me.

I thought I'd have it easy, after using hairdryers and toasters to melt embossing powders for the last few years, I finally bought my heating tool and it died on me. What are the chances of that? As in I took it out of the plastic cover, turned it on, saw it fume and die! I thought I was gonna set myself on fire!! I thought

And the worst part? I don't know where's the receipt..I dont even know if I can have refunds. And if I refund, I need to bring it to Singapore. Grrr. So much for buying new spiffy tools.

So I resorted back to my boring old toaster, which incidentally decided to gobble my letters and make my letters more dotty. I'll just tell H its the rusty metal look or something.

On a better note..we celebrated here for the weekend..

It's also where we got married. *smiles.
And coz we're special [no, not really], the hotel was nice enough to set this up for us:)


Guess that's nature's way of sorting and balancing out my life.


  1. i thought the place looked familiar!! and sorry in the midst of my crazy weeks, i knew i forgot something - charles' bday!! happy birthday charles!!

  2. no problem! totally understand.:) you should come again!!!