Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Days [and nights] should be so.

I have to admit, ever since H and I splurged on our marital bed, every other bed is just seemingly -too hard, too soft, has poking wires and so fourth.

Then we'd complain about the pillows whenever we're travelling. On that note- why are hotel pillows always so darn sinking soft?

Every hotel should have pillow menus I reckon!

We're kinda spoilt that way. Brats! Annoying brats. Whingers!

I was pretty lucky this time. As part of the birthday-mini-getaway, H decided to book a fairly reputable hotel right along Orchard.

I have to admit, the bed was pretty good. [I still love my bed, but hey who's complaining on a holiday?!] The sheets were soft. But I guess the pillows were still a little too soft for my liking.

I liked how the adjustable lamp hung from the ceiling.
..How they had modern interpretations of Chinese decor...

...How they had small details to make the guest feel welcomed...

...And how there we're a-plenty of shower nozels to scrub myself clean.

Oh..and I had to tell you this...
Meritus Mandarin Hotel is also well known for their Hainanese Chicken Rice.
We arrived quite late from our flight and after settling in a bit, we got a tad hungry. The bonus was, Chatterbox was on the 28th floor and was open 24 hours during weekends. -Just right for our Hainanese Chicken Rice dinner.
How could you beat eating Hainanese Chicken Rice, drinking Chin Chou and looking into Singapore's cityscape way into the night?
Ok, so it wasn't the best place for photos, but hey, it was a great beginning to a mini-getaway.
333 Orchard Road
Singapore 238867
Tel: (65) 6737 4411

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