Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where are my bed bugs?'s midnight, and I'm awake. I've turned a million times, closed my eyes for atleast a few hours, read magazines..and now I'm here. Hurray. ?!?!

H is fast asleep right beside me. Snoring away. 

Midnight thought: You reckon if I start tickling him he'd be angry? Or entertain me like last time ? Hmm. No. I'm a nice wife. I swear. Despite previous times where I may of asked him stupid questions, tonight I won't. I promise. But I am tempted to wriggle his nose and pinch his cheeks.

Ok, I won't. Nice wife. Nice wife. Think nice wife. Think sheep. Sheep. Lots of sheep. Or cows? No..sheep. Sheep jump over the fence better. Dogs? No, sheep.

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