Monday, October 26, 2009

He's the man

I should of gone to Singapore this previous weekend. For one sole reason.

This man. This man that I still go weak in the knees for and most probably faint if I ever meet him. I guess he's the only man [besides H ofcourse] that makes my heart pump faster and my hormones rage. Ok, you shouldn't know that. But he's really freaking talented- and good looking ofcourse!

I've got a thing for talented guys. - I'm still trying to get H to play the piano. In hopes he'll be like Lee Hom. [Girls can have dreams?!]

And it's all my friend Serene's fault. [A big wave to Serene!!] She's so lucky [and I'm immensely jealous], her work place had free tickets to the official opening of Ion Orchard, which featured Lee Hom. She got to meet him, and sent me these photos. LUCKY! She's yet to update me on how everything is. Or maybe she's still recuperating from meeting him. lol.

Meanwhile, I'll just dwell on the fact that I stepped on the floors he's stepping on- or so I hope, and the fact that I just rambled on about some superstar like I was a hormone imbalanced teenager.

I swear I'm otherwise normal. Really.


  1. hahhahaha

    Charles...i think u shud get jeolous here:P jkz

  2. he did!! he didnt even want to see my photos. told me he's not interested. lol.

  3. i like him since 1996, even before he released his 1st album :) Saw him in a talent show :) Woohoo... He is really good looking+ talented :D

  4. yes!! and when he came out in taiwan..still with violin and all!!

  5. what a title for a blog entry. i thought she was going to blog about me.


  6. muah haha...i only blog about amazing guys.