Friday, October 16, 2009

So long my Swedish Love

I'm currently going over this.

As in over, and over- squint- your- eyes- and- see- the- ruffled- corners-over!

I know its slightly late, but hey you got to give me credit. Let me tell you all about the trials and tribulations of getting anything Ikea around here.

A few months ago, this catalogue was flown in. Yes, air-flown. My beloved sister knows I have this weird attachment to all things Ikea and hence saves me anything Ikea related when she sees one. My parents bring it back to me and I start drooling.

Bless my sister and my parents for enduring this weird obsession I have. But I swear I'm normal.

Then if I were to order anything, I'd need to fly it in too..or even cargo it. Yes, I've done that before.

So now that I'm going over and over it for my own house, I realised I'm just going to get the carpenter to make my furniture. Serious. And before you come knocking on my door to tell me I've broken my life-long promise to stick through thick and thin with Ikea..let me tell you why.

Ikea gets expensive once I have to ship it in. And when I do ship it in, sometimes it gets broken. Not to mention I need to go over things a million times or so on the phone with my shipping agent. So it kind of defeats the purpose of Ikea in the first place.

So, I'm going to start from square one. Draw my own cupboards/wardrobes and give it to my carpenter. This was the scenario for doing my kitchen and I guess I'll have to go through it again. But it doesn't stop me from picking up this book...cos it's kinda my inspiration.

Sorry I've betrayed you Ikea, but I guess we needed to part some day.


  1. I like to go through catelogues too.IKEA has some nice practical ideas in furnishing that we can really learn, but its qualilty is not good as it looks.

    Angie's Recipes

  2. haha ikea does remind me of you:)

  3. Totally agree Angie!

    Jess, is that a good or bad thing?