Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where's my craft room?

The last time I did anything remotely crafty was back in August and my hands have been itching ever since. My supplies are still everywhere and nothing [in terms of crafting] has changed.

I've been busy with my other hobby- baking. Ala-mooncakes! I felt like a mooncake factory last week after churning boxes of mooncakes for family and friends. After the first batch, I made more, and more ..and more!- Oreo Mooncakes, Pandan Mooncakes, Green Tea Lotus Mooncakes..which has most probably deterred me from making mooncakes for another five years or so..

But maybe thats what marriage does to you. Part of [not so] newlywed novelty is indulging your other half with food and all things equally comforting. -I'll keep you updated on this one. Or maybe I'm in serious need of a huge table with many drawers to sort out all my nic-naks.

Yesterday I felt compelled to write a thank you note. I haven't written notes in a very long time. Not the lovey-dovey-might-make-you-gag type anyway.

H has been sweet. He's organised a mini-getaway for my birthday- I'll tell you about it soon:) It provided me the perfect excuse to use my new-but old supplies.

Wait..does that make sense? New because I've never used them, despite buying them for a looong time. They've been really lonely sitting in boxes. Poor crafties. We will meet soon, I promise.

So this was a quick one, complete with matching transparent envelope @ postcard size.

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  1. Cantiknya. of coz the Mooncakes.