Thursday, October 29, 2009

OZ OZ OZ! Oi Oi Oi!

While my bestie Di was throwing a birthday bash for her baby's first birthday, I, a few continents away was trying to savour anything Australian by making sausage rolls.


a) Rumour has it Di makes some nasty sausage rolls and the original recipe is from her. ( I think you should all hunt her down for the recipe cos it really is nasty!)

b) I link sausage rolls to Australia and getting them from my school canteen.

c) I'm sad and think that if I made sausage rolls on the same day, I'm part of the celebration. -Its just the way my mind works.

d) H never, never-ever had sausage rolls and I wanted to Ausie-nize him.

e) Another bestie a few countries away made it the weekend before and told me it was gooooood!

f) I was just hungry.

Happy birthday Mia! Your crazy Aunty Liya was celebrating with you- somewhat.


  1. looks yummy liya!! can't believe you guys have gone sausage roll crazy. lol.

  2. i wish i had sausage mince instead though