Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Candle on the Cake

I've got alot of explaining to do. I haven't been blogging much because ironically so much has been happening. [Ironic because when I have lots to say I have no time to write it-life just works that way sometimes]


Happy birthday tweedledee! -I just got another year older. Bleh. ...

Four years ago (2005)- I was living in KL, H flew to surprise me on my birthday only to find he'd be meeting my parents for the first time! -They too, flew in to celebrate.

...Three years ago (2006)- H cooked up a dinner for two, baked his infamous Prune cake [and maybe that was the last I've ever had it] and we flew to Perth after for a friend's wedding. I was also then pleasantly surprised by a birthday dinner thrown by my dearest and closest girlfriends.

...Two years ago (2007)- I think we celebrated with dinner at Marriott, but all is vague now.

...One year ago (2008)- We had a quiet one. I got a cake and present at the stroke of midnight- My very first taste of Mac. We then went for a day trip to Brunei, followed by dinner.

-All of which I remember [or don't] because I flipped through photos.

This year, I thought I better keep track because I'm fast forgetting! We had a birthday-getaway at the Merlion City. -Hail Singapore!

We started bright n early with a trip to Tanjong Pagar just for their renowned Bak Ku Teh. My family has followed this outlet around Singapore for the past 20 years or so. We're serious BKT fans!

I love how their soup is infused with garlic and pepper

..How their mustard greens are just right- not too salty or overpowering

..And how my love for pork inner bits can be ordered here..

..simply..just how everything goes together.

And it is here I confess, I love their mustard greens so much I decided to pack some, and fly them back-hand carried. Taking care of it as though it was my baby. I would of asked for a Fragile sticker but I didn't want customs to think I was insane. -I get crazy about food like that.

..Moving on..

The heavy breakfast meant we weren't really up for we figured we'd try some snacks.

Here's Green Tea Mochi ice cream- say it with the Cookie Monster tone- cos you can chomp it down really easy. We got ours from Beard Papa's. So addictive!

Here's my cream puff also from Beard Papa's.

We ended the day with dinner at Lawry's [again]. This time I took better photos to show you why I clearly have a Lawry's addiction.

First there's the spinning bowl salad, served with chilled plates and forks complete with a waitress doing a rotating dance routine. -serious!

Then, the beef is carved in front of you by a chef, with meat to your liking and cut specifically to either enhance taste, flavour or texture.

For those who just aren't into blood or rare meat, skip now! Here's my beef served with yummy mash and a rich gravy. I kind of feel like a carnivore sometimes.

..and Yorkshire Pudding. Soft, crunchy..just right with gravy.

We nearly always also order a pan of mushrooms because H is a mushroom addict.

And this time, I got a cake too! Complete with photos complimentary of Lawry's that was emailed to me the next day. Thats what i call 5-star service!

So there..this year's birthday was kinda..literally...all about food. I guess next year or the year after and the year after that will most probably be about food too.


  1. yummmmmm!!! Not a good idea looking at this in the morning..without im seriously hungry now!