Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Ion Rave: The ongoing hunt along Orchard

My first visit to Ion was ..well, bleh. It most probably took me 20 minutes and I finished [what I thought] was the whole she-bang. I went through about three floors of Ion before I told H I wanted to get out of there. It was just filled with branded outlets- it made me feel poor. I thought it was just a tiny shopping center filled with luxurious shops.


I started reading magazines, seeing advertisements and somehow everything was in Ion. Why didn't I see them?

So during this trip Singapore, I hunted. I'm sure my last trip didn't do it any justice. Afterall, why was everyone raving about it?

Little did I know, hidden in the basements were lots of quaint outlets and quirky shops. How could I miss the basement? All the food- yes, that kind of posseses my world, all the imported stuff they had from Japan, all the funky eats and treats.

Insight: At around 9am-ish, pretty much nothing is open along Orchard. There isnt much of a crowd either. Honestly, I had been hunting down 2 eateries which I read great reviews about but were dully disappointed when none of them were open. Hence we made our way to Ion just to fill our hunger pangs.

Now we're talking. Yeah baby!

Ion basement (B4) was filled with choices- but we weren't quite adventurous anymore [after the morning detours] and settled for simple egg and bread at Tea Loft.

The decor reminded me of a Colonial Tea Parlour filled with cakes and delights.

*Kindly excuse H rummaging through his bag. Thank you.

...And I love these chairs. Something about the rivets. Nice.

While- coffee, egg and bread somehow reminds me of my late grandpa.

Lunch was at Canton-i. A mix of Chinese influenced foods.

Aint the decor pur-reee-tty? ...Complete with dainty china.

Did you see all the little boys on the plate? Ancient Chinese boys had no hair. And if they did, it was styled like spring onion- According to the plate.

You can't forget the teapot either- also with bald spring onion boys.
Roast pork & Duck- Kur-reeee-s-peee!! Yums!

Custard buns

Xiao Loong bao- I should have a global mission to hunt these down. I never seem to miss them on any menu. Sucker for these- anytime, anywhere.

Shark Fin Dumpling Soup

We also ventured to Three Sixty- a Hong Kong gourmet franchise supermarket. Here we found these plump Japanese grapes. Curiousity got the better of us [all H's fault I'd say] and we bought these super expensive grapes that tasted like wine and were crunchy on the outside. Note the price tag?!!

Tea Loft- B4, Ion Orchard.
Canton-i- I forgot which level. 3?4? Sorry. Ion Orchard.

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