Friday, October 23, 2009

Home @ House

House, oh House, when you will be ready? When can I complete all the tiling and paintwork?

When can I have a proper courtyard I can laze in?

When can I get polished floors and use you as my study?

When can I sleep in this bedroom? When can all the mess subside and furniture be moved in?

House is quite bare. Essentially- just a envelope with walls yet to be fully painted and raw timber floors. I want my home.

Friends have been asking how our house is coming along, and I always sum it up in one word- Slow. Hence I haven't been taking much photos because there isn't much to see.

Get a move on House! ..Puhlease?! 


  1. liya...the house is looking good...looks almost done aye! walls just need polishing on the floor and furnishing...and then.....its moving in time:)

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  3. thats just the undercoat jess:( not fully painted. seems like lots to do. did u feel this way too?

  4. haha....the painting part...YES!..cos three layers and it was such a long process!

    but after that..things are quick..esp u guys getting other ppl to do it.....

    its the big stuff tat takes forever...but after quick.....awwwww omost done gal!!!!! so exciting:)

  5. haha..most probably your first and last painting time jess!

    fingers crossed :)

  6. hahhaha...u r rite..tho i din do much but hated it:P

    can't wait to see ur next post re your house!!!