Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Newlywed's Perspective

I've been married for one month now. In terms of duration, its really not much time at all. But things are finally starting to settle down: guests have all left, I'm back at work, learnt to share my bedspace and I'm starting to comprehend the mechanics of a marriage.

A friend told me, marriage is way better than dating 'cos you're always with your best friend. My sentiments exactly. Its nice waking up next to someone u love too. But it also takes work..

Actually my boss just gave me a copy of 'Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus' ..but I haven't gotten around to it- he told me marriage is work and commitment..and it's totally true.:) He also told me even he found the book resourceful- after several years of marriage.

We had our first [weddi-monthiversary]. -We have a tendancy to give funny names to things now. Part of newlywed novelty I guess.

If you read one of my previous'll realise I have the urge for surprises. And since Valentines surprises didn't go that well, why not try again right.

So I packed him lunch (another wifey/newlywed thing I love at the moment:)) and placed a note in it. I wrapped it with plastic, crossed my fingers really hard and hoped he wont microwave the plastic and contaminate himself.

Then I used the same trick...the one where i laid things on the bed ..and he was clever enough to notice it this time!! I made a card, surrounded it with Hersheys kisses and some red-punched confetti-I didnt hide in the wardrobe anymore..just incase that caught too much of his attention. Instead I sat there and waited patiently like a kid waiting for Christmas.

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