Monday, February 23, 2009

Building a House: Week 22

I've got ground!

For those who've been following me since my previous blog, you'll know that hubby and I are building a small cosy house. We started quite a few months ago, but have been held back terribly by bad weather.

Anyway..last week we finally had our floor cast!! By Saturday they were doing more site measurements for the columns and walls. Cool!

I stood there thinking where my couch will be, how my large doors will ventilate the room, how my study room will have all my craft things and how my kitchen should be suffice for all the pots and pans. Ahhh...

Then I thought about the toilets I have to clean and the shelves I have to wipe. Bleh..


  1. and...the floor you have to mop! haha

    The progress is looking good aye...must be so exciting:)!!!

  2. husband training jess...husband training! lol.

  3. don't worry li-ya, you won't mind if its YOUR toilets you have to clean, or YOUR shelves you have to wipe, or YOUR floor you have to mop :)