Friday, February 20, 2009

Life's Full of surprises.

..and mishaps!

I had it all planned.. I'd been lying to my husband the whole week. Everyday after work I escaped to my mum's telling him I was there to clean up and stuff. It worked...until the day before valentines.

..His sms read [ I know what you've been up to ]. I ignored it..and went along with my plans.

I made the card and some Belgium chocolates..thinking 'I bet you wouldnt figure this one out'

[1st anti-surprise]
On Valentines eve I careful placed the box of chocolates on the bed, shone the bed light on it [thinking 'you cant miss this one'] and hid in my wardrobe. My husband came in..and started looking for me. He searched high and low, behind the bed, below the bed, behind the curtains, then opened the wardrobe to find me standing inside. lol. He didnt notice the chocolate box till much later [grrr]

[2nd anti-surprise]
Nevermind I thought..I had hid a valentines card in his laptop so that he would see it first thing when he went to work. This one didnt work either. When he opened his laptop, his boss came into his room and he was more eager to hide the card than to be surprised. [he later accidentally left it in the office. more grrr. ]

[3rd anti-surprise]
Remember how i had a
random thought and said that it was funny seeing all the guys fleeing to the florist? Well, hubby decided he'd confess he was one of them after reading my statement. Anyhow.. he woke up early the next morning to go to the florist only to find they forgot about his order. He then brought back a awkward looking bouquet which the florist had instantly put together by taking flowers out of other bouquets. [dun think he'll go to this florist anymore].

So the only surprise that did work was a card he left on the dressing table. I saw it first thing when I woke up. Sweet.

Its funny thinking about all the efforts we put into 'surprising' one another..and they all ...err...sucked. Guess its part of the novelty of being husband and wife..

Nevertheless, we had a wonderful weekend...and had a good laugh about everything. I love surprises!

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