Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Confessions of a newlywed

Theres no better feeling than embarking on a adventure. Its exciting, nerve-wrecking and alot of anticipation.

What better than a 'love adventure'?

Just months before I got married, alot of people came to tell me about changing from a dating relationship to a marriage. Mind you, alot of the comments were harsh. It was scarey. They told me my husband is bound to change. They told me our relationship would change.

For sure I knew things would change. I dont expect stepping into a new phase of life, committing myself to another without any changes. But I seriously didnt think it would be that bad. I was told all these stories about bad behaving husbands and mistreated wives. ...Surely, logically speaking, ... it just cant simply happen overnight like that right?

Then I realised it was a obstacle. These people may have meant well for me, maybe they were looking out for me or simply maybe there were other reasons. But for me to live in that constant state of mind will just put my marriage in jeopardy. Why should I scare myself of things that may not come? I should have enough trust in the man I chose for this new journey. I should be confident in handling our relationship.

..So we got married. ..and boy am I glad to report that THINGS ARE GOOD! Its not scarey. Its not awful. Infact, once I got married, I recevied all these well wishes and people telling me marriage is wonderful! I dont know what the future holds, (and i really dont want to jinx myself) but I do know as long as both my husband and I have the heart to work things out, things cant go that bad.

So heres what us newlyweds do:

-We buy everything x 2. ie. two new tooth brushes, two lunch boxes

-We prepare everything x 2. ie. two breakfasts, two lunches, two drinks

-We have childish behaviour- we give each other funny names, play hide and seek, sing weird songs and laugh till we gasp for air.

-We jokingly fight for bedspace. What happened to having my own bed where I can literally swim and wave or kick in?

-We want to buy ear plugs so we dont hear each other snoring.

-And when we're not snoring, we cuddle. :)

-We love waking up and telling each other to go to the toilet first just so theres extra snooze time. [Now theres full reason to blame it on someone else. tee..hee...]

-We share alot more time together and talk more too.

See..all aint that bad right?

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