Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Craving...

I'm craving for the most unhealthy stuff right now...heres a bit of eye-candy so I can lure you in with me!

Some oily-non-healthy crispy on-the-outside and juicy on the inside fish and chips. [Think I've been craving it since my friend told me she's making it for dinner] Cicerellos anyone?

A bowl of hot, thick Taiwanese beef noodle soup with handmade noodles...

A plate of tasty eggs benedict served with warm hollandaise sauce..

Lets all get fat together!

* The above pictures and photos have been sourced respectively from:

Fish & Chips: Exclusively Food

Beef Noodle: Eat Drink & Be Merry

Eggs Benedict: Delia Online these sites.

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