Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Someone make my face smooth!

Ahh..whats a girl without beauty and fashion? Its akin to guys and cars. They just naturally go together.

Over a year ago my hubby brought back some samples from a Singaporean skincare group specialising in problem skin. ..Sad to say, not only do I have to worry about wrinkles appearing, but I still get pimples too. Pimples, scars and wrinkles?..Not a good look.

Anyway, before I make this sound like a letter to a beauty editor, the point is...I got totally hooked to the Dr Brandt products and started looking for them online. ...And then there is Mecca! Oooh heaven. From Kiehls to Stila..all the lotions and potions. I spent hours on their site and obviously didnt leave empty handed.

I blame all of this on the husband though..I mean, he came back with the samples right?

Well, today I received a email from the husband again. The title said 'Your Mecca Catalogue'. Ooohh hubby, I do love you..seriously! lol.

Anyway...thought I'd share the catalogue with you all cos I find it resourceful. You can browse here or can download it from their website too. For all the ones living in Aust..theres beauty experts coming from New York & Hollywood for Nars, Stila and Prescriptives @ March & April. Even I'm thinking of booking myself in!