Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Jellybean-August 2011


Mummy's loving your vocab right now. Besides spitting on everyone and dribbling on everything else, its kinda cute.

Note: Just thought you ought to know, in the middle of writing this post at 12:30 in the morning, you've woken up, started babbling to your dummy, stuffed cloth in your mouth and wasted 120ml of milk. Just for your information.

Mama's also got a confession to make. You know how for many months, you had separation anxiety? Wherever Mama goes I go too?! Well, now its kind of reversed. And for the sake of blaming- I blame it on Baba.

You see, a few weeks ago, Baba started going outstation for work. During that time, you were going through a burst of suddenly cries in the middle of the night, so Mama put you on the big bed. From then on, we slept on big bed, you slept well which ofcourse meant Mama slept well and ah, the rest is history.

So now, Mama loves you on the big bed. I love seeing you fall asleep, watching you dream with your little snores. It's quite adorable. Come morning, you'll wake me up by patting my face, sticking you wee little fingers into my mouth, pinch my nose, make all sorts of weird and wonderful noises and last but not least, pull my hair. It's annoyingly cute- must be mother's love!

Between you and me, I'm tempted to kick Baba out of the big bed when he comes back. It's his fault that this started anyway.

Ps. Cheeky Bum, Mama is loving this phase you're going through- no crying, good sleeping, very playful and always smiley (to me anyway). Pls pls pls stay that way. I'm already missing my tiny baby.

Love you lots xoxo

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