Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dear Jellybean-June 2011 + Mama's first shoe attempt

Oh Bubba!

The time has come again.

You're officially a yelling, kicking, grabbing, laughing, smacking, salivating... huggable six month Jellybean now. Time has sure flown by! Whatever happened to my little pocket sized baby?!

Just a few days ago, Mama made you a brand new pair of shoes. Pink felt shoes. Papa thought it was hysterical so cute he wanted a pair too. Really. Its Mama's first attempt, so don't be too critical here.

If you absolutely can't tell and need to ask me in the near future, my dear, its a rabbit and a carrot. Why does Mama insist on giving you such a weird unique dress sense? Because I think its cute. And I might as well dress you in whatever I like now 'coz you wont let me do that later on!

See, here you are testing your shoes. They're more comfy than Louboutins I tell ya!!

Lots of Love

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