Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rustic Cheesecakes + Fathers Day

Life has really been more about baby purees and breastmilk lately. There hasn't been much time for intricate delights or extensive menus. Rather, meals have to be fast and simple- all because of my dear, dear Jellybean. With all else developing- her desire to have me within a 1 meter radius [if not sticking right beside my limbs] is still very evident. I mean VERY.

Just a few days ago was [Malaysian] Fathers day. As it's H's very first year as a kid-wrangling daddy, I wasn't sure whether we should celebrate ala Malaysian or go with the Aussie flow. At the end, I decided to have a mini celebration this time around and succumb to all aspects of commercialism when the Australian fathers day comes along. Ahh...Hallmark has definitely done it's role.

So these are my mini cheesecakes. The lemon cheesecake H insists on for every occasion. I must admit, they weren't intended to have such a rustic charm- but with a whingy-clingy-crying baby, the base had to be done at midnight and the cheese mixture was pretty much a 10 minute job. Plonk and go. [Sorry dear, but you do know that Bb comes first in everything now!]

So until then, its back to my Bamix- my new toy.

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