Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cold Weather Dinners

Perth has been having terrible stormy winter weather. Its cold, windy and gloomy. Such days conjure my tastebuds for warm soupy foods. Comfort food- and hot chicken soup has never been on my mind as much.

For days I'd been craving Chicken Pho. What could be nicer than hot soup, slurpy rice noodles dashed with fresh greens? Nom-nom. [My daughter's vocab for 'eat']

Some recipe searching later, I decided the broth was a version combined from two recipes- here and here

I couldn't be more satisfied. Chicken pho served with Sriracha and oyster sauce. Bring on the warmth.- It was my food saviour and the bonus was, perfect food for my budding 1 1/2 year old. She loves soupy hor fun.

I'm ready to fight this bleh weather.

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