Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rice Dumplings

'Duan Wu Jie' is fast approaching- a day when rice dumplings adorn. The last time I made rice dumplings was most probably in my uni days. By making- I only mean 'wrapping' the odd few. My mum makes our family recipe pass down every year- and seriously, I should learn form her soon.

To be frank, I don't know if these are exactly Hakka dumplings or just the way my grandmother and her ancestors made them. They're the only ones I grew up with.

Mum's version includes glutinous rice with peanuts. Well, nowadays she also makes the non-peanut version- only because some of my siblings don't like nuts.

Grilled pork dosed with a l o t of garlic. Don't be alarmed though, it takes great in the dumpling.

Boiled mushrooms and gently fried shrimp.

I'm very biased. Despite all the versions out there, I still love my mum's version. Have a great 'dumpling day'.

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