Monday, January 10, 2011

Labour -1

If you're not into knowing the details of labour- skip this post NOW! Jellybean is out this was the ordeal!

...(written on actual day)....

Due to some complications, I had expected a induced labour all along. It just depended on when. This was 'Induction Day 1'!

5:00am- I wake up. Pelvis hurting, back aching and desperately in need of the loo. H wearily wakes up, asks if I'm contracting. I reply no and he drifts back to sleep.

I get back from the loo and can't fall back to sleep. My whole body hurts and sleeping in any position doesn't help. I get fed up and decided to go online and distract myself.

7:30am- I have breakfast.

9:00am- H wakes and realises I've eaten breakfast. He cooks himself Maggi Mee [yes, this is important information I tell ya!] and we chat while he eats.

10:00am- I better finish Jellybean's playmat. It still needs sewing and hemming on the edges. But after a few minutes I just can't concentrate and was about to have a lie down when my mum comes and asks if I have any plans for the day.

I get dressed and we head to the markets and shopping center. I needed a walk. I'm getting agitated.

12:00pm- We get back home and I'm in sweats. Think pregnancy makes my body temperature go up by 10 degrees.

1:00pm- After lunch H and I decide to have a little 'naughty break'. This is meant to be a quick escape to eat whatever I want before confinement. We end up paying some bills before buying cakes, having coffee and buying some mags in preparation for hospital.

3:00pm- We get back home and I'm desperate for a scrub. Its hot. It's frustrating. I'm sweating like there's no tomorrow. I tell H to give me some time in the shower. I feel like having the scrub of my life with no interruptions and thats exactly what I do. I spend 30 minutes scrubbing, washing, scrubbing washing like there's no tomorrow. Cleaning every single inch of my body I can possibly reach.

4:15pm- We head to hospital. I'm super excited.

5:00pm- We check in and get interviewed by a super friendly midwife. We then get bored and H starts taking photos of everything! I mean everything! The loo. Our name tags. The monitors. 

...told you he took photos of the loo.

5:45pm- My obstetrician comes in and after doing a 'sweep' [those who've done it, yeah! u know what I'm talking about! Urgh!!] gives me the option of going home. He tells me I'm ready and doesn't need to be monitored through the night!

7:00pm- After doing more formalities signing in and out, we leave hospital and head home. Half wondering what happens if Jellybean comes at midnight. Half excited. Half nervous.

11:00pm- I try to head to bed but it's nerve-wrecking and I'm still in sore from the sweep. Gosh...what's life gonna be like with Jellybean? H snores besides me.


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