Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Jellybean-January 2011

Dear Jellybean,

This is daddy and mummy, before you came along. We went on dates and did spontaneous things. 

Then you made mummy become a balloon before coming along and predominantly hiding your parents within four walls.

The End.

Just kidding!

Truth is, you've given daddy and mummy so much joy within one month- well, that and lots of diaper changes and colouring your parents clothes with yellow and white. Uh huh- poops, wees and milk vomits.

We've lurved every moment of seeing you grow from the tiny bundle into a slightly larger bundle. Within one month, you've learnt to smile and laugh at spontaneous things. You've also made a point to be carried throughout the day, though at night you've been sleeping in your bassinet. At one point, every second night you chose to keep your parents up with you, but then mummy discovered it might of been the coffee she drank- so we wont blame that on you. 

You've learnt to make funny sounds and coo back at us when we talk to you. You fall asleep while being bounced on a fitball and love hearing anyone sing songs to you. Mummy sings funny songs that she doesn't really know the lyrics to, but you find that entertaining anyway. You make daddy talk to you during night feeds as if you understand what he's saying. You make Gong Gong and Poh Poh carry you by making weird shrieks- and ofcourse they succumb to your funny whimpers.

Oh, you hate the pram! You've already made yourself noticeable when you loudly cried at the local shopping center and spur spontaneous strangers to make comments. And car seats? You only like them when the car moves. When the car stops during traffic lights, you make noises too.

You've got 1001 facial expressions. But your favourite one is where you perk your mouth as if you're whistling. That usually means you're wide awake and ready for play.

When dawn comes, you want to be placed on daddy and mummy's bed. Thats when you fall back to sleep again within the comfort of your parents. You also love being on daddy's chest. You find that relaxing though mummy freaks sometimes wondering if you can  breath.

But Jellybean, despite everything, we love you to bits. Grow up quick cos we wanna play with you.

Mummy & Daddy

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