Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Out Of Jail Celebratory Food

Last month felt like forever! Between broken sleep and chicken wine, it felt like Groundhog day. What I did enjoy was seeing Jellybean having growth spurts and discovering her new tricks of the day- she's definitely got a few more rolls down the leg than before!

Just a few days ago, we celebrated Jellybean's Full Moon. Full Moon celebrates baby's one month from their birth date, followed by some simple rituals before presenting friends and family with food. It's also my out of jail card as my confinement finally ends! Hurrah! We decided to give food parcels to close friends and have a celebratory meal with our family.

Our modernized Full Moon food parcel contained:

Red eggs, BBQ chicken and some cakes. Obviously we chose the easy way out! Frankly, I chose to spend my time washing my hair in the morning than to slave over making kuehs and cooking chicken.- And this is coming from someone who loves her time in the kitchen!

Sorry friends. Please understand. Confinement makes one wacky. Really.

Cakes were chosen instead of the traditional Ang Ku Kuehs.

My favourite of the three- Sponge Fruit cake.

Mango Mochi Cake- Glutinous skin with sponge cake insert.

Black Forrest.

Deepest thanks to all, for the lovely gifts and red packets! Jellybean is truly spoilt!


  1. The cakes were delish!! Thanks again!

  2. Ooh! Glad you liked it. Thanks for Amelia's present!