Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here Bunny Bunny!

Happy Bunny Year! I..ok, I'm a tad late but better than never! Can't believe another year just passed like that!

Last year, I just moved into my new house and got uber excited about making all the nic-nacks. This year, my hours seem to be gobbled up by Jellybean and even squeezing the odd two hours for baking is a luxury.

I do miss my house heaps though..I wish I still have my kitchen to mess with and my courtyard to stare into. I would of most probably dolled up a nursery for Jellybean by now and maybe, just maybe, bought a tonne of nursery furniture and scared the heck out of H with a amazing credit card statement!

So this year I only got up to three things- once again, the Cheese-Pineapple Agar Agar I made last year, lychee jelly..

..and a house favourite, Kueh Momo which I made with this recipe. I'm thinking of adding milk powder to it next time just to give it a extra oomph!

Now...let's feast for tomorrow- the 15th and last day of Chinese New Year!

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