Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dear Jellybean-February 2011

Hey bub, we need to have a heart to heart. You and me, we do good. But this whole superglue thing has to stop. Mummy loves you lots and get heartwarming moments when you cling to me like a koala. But, you remain as a koala for like..forever.

See, doctors, midwives and all told me you are going through a growth spurt. Hence, you feed like a newborn and get so demanding. You've learnt to scream too! But you reckon your growth spurt can be a bit more timid? Is that a bit too much to ask?

You've got chubby cheeks now! Far from what you looked like in the beginning. Your toothless smile is kinda cute too! Sometimes you get really annoyed when I try to wake you up and have the funniest expressions! Oops!

When you got your 8 week injection, girl you yelled [after a delayed reaction]. You then got all drowsy, sleepy and had a mild fever. Felt so sorry for you, so you slept in the big bed with daddy and mummy. Big mistake! Now it's just ongoing. Hmm...we gotta trick you out of it.


  1. hmmm ... i should write a letter to sophie, that it's been nearly 6 months now and the whole superglue thing has definitely gotta stop!! haha

  2. you should!-if only letters got through to bbs!