Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lunar Feast

My mum cooked up a storm for Chinese New Year! Geeze, I've been missing this for years! Can you believe she whipped up a whole table of yumminess for 12 people?!

 Lou Sang- gimme lots of fresh salmon!

Her infamous Hakka Braised Yam & Pork 'Yu Tou Kou Rou'

Steamed Saltwater fish

Snow Crabs! Oysters!

Authentic Shark Fin soup. ..Sorry, think all the fins sank by the time I took the pic.

Lo Han Jai- lurve the mix up!

Vegetarian Noodles.

Every year, my dad will dictate a menu [basically of his favourite foods!] and mum would willingly oblige..and we ofcourse, willingly eat!

Gong Xi Gong Xi!

If only I'm as good as her...


  1. Belated happy chinese new year to you and ur family =) wowww.. food looks sumptuous and delish!!! Your mum could open her own resto with food like thoseee..yum =)


  2. Hey Hannie! I'm biast n think she's good too! Hehe. When are u dropping over?! Miss u!!!!

  3. No plans yet..if only i could join pauline in april! But im booked to go to japan! Would have been fun with all of u and the new addition to our group- babies! Hehe but then again, with megs situation, might be pretty stressful..