Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Post-Lunar New Year

I have a valid excuse to be missing this time- Chinese New Year got me all worked up. 

New Year + New house = not exactly a good combination when Chinese people love house visits and I'm a spotless kinda girl. Nevertheless, a big wave to those that popped over! Thank you so much for visiting and sorry the house was still a tad messy. [ ok, maybe more than a tad].

I promised H, I would make his favourite cookies and adorn the table with all sorts of snacks and nibbles ...Well, I didn't quite manage to make all the things I wanted..but ah well- life goes on.

This is what Chinese New Year looked like for us this year- yes Tupperware. Full on Tupperware. Colourful Tupperware. Nearly a Tupperware party I'd say- one that promotes my new level of being a domestic aunty. But you know what? I love them. They're reliable. So there.

And cakes...ooh how I love cakes. Some done by me, some by my mother in law and some by a great cake baking friend.

H and I lurve Cornflake cookies- they literally spell New Year for us..and after numerous times of trying, I think I finally have one up my sleeve! 

Chocolate crispies...making full use of my leftover cornflakes.

Pineapple tarts- took me forever..and they're still ugly. Someone help me. But atleast they taste ok. Maybe I just shouldn't cook my own jam next time.

Kueh momo! Three words- soft, soft and Soft!!

I'm not quite sure what you call this. H told me something he ate before..his exact words were 'Longan with this milky jelly thing'- and I was suppose to know?! Thank goodness I got it right.

Here's my love. Cheese-Pineapple Agar mum use to make these when I was tiny. So this year I introduced it to H ..and he hearts it too. Hurray! I love the mix of salty cheese, tang of pineapple and sweetness of agar-agar- it all goes together, I promise.

I also did some cheesecake cupcakes..or shall I call them cheesecups? Ah..I don't know...but they were finished in a jiffy and I forgot all about them until now.

I do apologise for the blurred photos..guess my hands weren't up to snaps that day. girl's gotta have some sort of flowers for a Valentines new year...ahhhh... but then I realised I left the kitchen strainer sitting on bench and my glass walls reflected it. bleh..

..thats better.

Happy Tiger year!


  1. omg...impressive goodies:) pity not there to try!!! but am sure they were very yummy:)

    btw forgot to tell you how much me n hubby LUVed ur mum's new years kueh...the sticky one...'nian gau'...totally awesome!!

  2. U got to try one...hehe. I'm impressed with jo..she finished it!

    awww..i'll pass the compliment to my mum..i'm sure she'll be flattered.

  3. yes i loved the nian gau too! i am not usually a big fan of them, but this one was really nice. and how come we didn't get to try the kueh lapis or pineapple tart :(

  4. errr..the kueh lapis was finished..and my pineapple tarts were ugly. sorry. maybe when u visit us in the near future?