Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dinner-In-A-Box Sequel

....I got home to this. Pretty darn good I'd say!

..he set up the table, got flowers and even lit the candles!

And look at these cute labels!

I can't lose to my wife's candlelight dinner -H remarked.

And look!! He even took some photos in between- though I'm not sure if it's for my blogging purposes or for him to keep as a record of his first ever carbonara.

The taste? Magnificanto! Lovely. Though H remarked I didn't draw the shape and size that onions are suppose to be, I guess he got the gist of everything.

Either way..I think we should have more 'Dinner-In-A-Box' nights. As H puts it:

Bon Apetite.


  1. Li-ya, can i have the detailed instructions you left for charles?? Coz his carbonara actually looks good!....and I'm thinking if charles can do it....i should be able to right?? hahahhaa.... no offense charles!


  2. Paul, its super easy! Trust me, you've been in the kitchen waaay more than charles has!

    I'll give u a copy of his 'detailed' instructions..but I'll also write it up for u..cos his doesn't have any measurements as I placed everything in the box.